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Who are Team Anti-Virus?

Ken Bechtel - TAV Founder

Ken lives and works in Palmyra, PA. He specializes in Data Security and Anti-Virus Support, and has been an active anti-virus researcher since 1988. He is proud to help novice users with "High tech knowledge, and old fashioned values." Ken is also a founding member of AVIEN (Anti Virus Information Exchange Network), a WildList Reporter and a Member of the Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR).
Please click on the link to see Ken's resume.

David Harley

David Harley manages the Threat Assessment Centre, incident tracking, and virus management for the UK's National Health Service Information Authority. He is an active member of AVIEN (Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network). He maintains (when time allows) a number of Internet information resources, including the Mac Virus web page, at His recent publications include "Viruses Revealed" and chapters for "Maximum Security" (3rd Edition) and the Computer Security Handbook 4th Edition, and many conference papers and articles. He lives in the UK with his partner and 12-year-old daughter. His ambition is to live somewhere with no cell-phone or Internet access.

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee is a Systems Administrator, responsible for the administration, support and deployment of virus prevention systems. He maintains an Intranet site dealing with Malware issues, including debunking many common hoaxes. Lee is a founding member of AVIEN (Anti Virus Information Exchange Network), and Chairman of its Disciplinary Committee. He is also a reporter for the Wildlist organisation. He hosts the discussion list for, and is a contributor to, the A.C.V. (alt.comp.virus) AV resources. His interests are music, computers, fishing, and writing.

Robert Vibert

Robert Vibert has been a full-time professional computer security consultant since 1991. A prolific writer, he has authored articles on computer security and management for such publications and websites as PC Magazine (Portugal), Virus Bulletin, Vida Informatica, Vida Economica, Monitor Magazine, SecurityFocus, as well as for a number of other computer security magazines and websites. His latest book, published in May 2000, is The Enterprise Anti-Virus Book. Robert is also the moderator of AVIEN, and of D-FIN (Digital Forensics Information Network).

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